Our Services


Imagine coming home from a long day of work to the delicate scents of lavender, lemon and citrus throughout your home.
With our commitment to extraordinary service, including a thorough cleaning in each room. Monmouth Organic Cleaning will transform your home into your own personal sanctuary. We schedule cleaning services for daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or one-time cleaning services.

Ultimate Home Relaxation Package:

All Rooms:
  • Dust all furniture including; shelves, knick-knacks, lamps, pictures, wall hangings, ceiling fans within reach.
  • Vacuum all floor and carpet surfaces including under beds and furniture (if accessible) using a H.E.P.A filtration vacuum (this is great for those suffering from allergies and asthma).
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Empty all waste baskets.
  • Wash and sanitize bathroom and kitchen floors using Steam (this is an environmentally friendly way to remove dirt and grime from floors without the use of harsh chemicals. Steam Mopping floors works by dispensing steam on-demand, leaving floors clean, dry and naturally disinfected, and giving a chemical-free clean).
  • Pick up and straighten home.
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • change sheets and make beds (if linen is left out).
  • Wipe down mirrors.
  • Wash and disinfect bathtubs, toilets, showers, sinks, and countertops.
  • Wipe down toiletries and knick-knacks.
  • Dust light fixtures, bulbs and fans.
  • Wash and sanitize floors.
  • Wipe down exterior of cabinets.
  • Wipe down exterior of cabinets.
  • Wash exterior/interior of microwave.
  • Wash exterior of all appliances.
  • Wash and disinfect all countertops, backsplashes, and sinks.
  • Wipe down stovetop.
  • Wash and sanitize floor.

Additional services:

  • Cleaning interior of refrigerator ($30)
  • Wash Windows(inside) and tracks ($5/window - depending on size)
  • Vacuum furniture ($15)

Spring Cleaning

This service is our most intense cleaning, which is usually requested every 6 months. We cleanse every area of your home with special focus on the following areas: outside of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, inside and out of refrigerator, book shelves, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, baseboards, cleaning walls and windows, wash door and door frames. This service requires an in-home estimate.

  • We use all of our own organic cleaning products.